Celluloid Tunes # 05: Women in Film Music (1st International Edition)

We’re proud to finally present the first international edition of Celluloid Tunes! And what a show – an episode entirely dedicated to female film composers. The topic might seem a bit strange at first, but the fact is that film music is a very male-dominated industry, so it actually makes sense to list ten of the most influential and interesting female film composers out there. If you can recognize the faces in the top picture, we salute you. Otherwise, press play below and get a small taste of the music by each of these fine artists.

As usual, you can send me feedback at tjhaga@celluloidtunes.no or comment below. Why do you think film music is so male-dominated?

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  1. Brom says:

    Beautiful podcast! I wasn’t too aware of Anne Dudley, and the track from American History X is a real gem.


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