Celluloid Tunes # 73: The Complete John Williams Television Music Walkthrough, Part 1 (24th International Edition)

As a tribute to the great John Williams in his 90th birthday year, we present this extensive – and extremely ambitious – podcast series about his obscure and super rare TV music from the 50s onwards. The project has taken a whole year to realize; decades if you count the accumulation of material, and the research involved. Most of this music is not available elsewhere, and has been painstakingly recovered from the episodes themselves. We’re happy to finally share it with you now, and I hope you keep tuning in for future episodes.

Feel free to comment below, or send feedback to Enjoy!

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  1. doron sier:

    great. Can you make it downloadable so we can hear it in the car?

    1. Thor Joachim Haga sier:

      I wish I could, but there are rights issues involved – especially for tracks available on albums – that prevent me from offering it as a downloadable file. Hence why it’s technically a webcast rather than a podcast. I hope you get to hear it anyway! 🙂

  2. Garrett Goulet sier:

    That so called “Wagon Train” soundtrack L.P. is actually a rerecording.

    1. Thor Joachim Haga sier:

      Indeed it is, as are most of the soundtrack albums of the era. M SQUAD is also a rerecording. But excellent rerecordings, IMO!

  3. Ron Burbella sier:

    Hi Thor,
    It was so nice to musically re-live my early TV watching years accompanied with your well-informed commentary. I actually did see these TV shows in the 1950s as a child and began collecting film and TV music
    in early 1962 at age 12-1/2 (you can do the math to figure out my age). And I still have those original LPs! I’m highly anticipating your next edition. And I’m still looking for the John Williams’ sheet music to “Tomorrow”
    and to “Way of the Wand’rer,”which are very hard to find. Excellent job! It must give you great personal satisfaction to have assembled this John Williams material so that you could share it with us all. Bravo!
    Ron Burbella

    1. Thor Joachim Haga sier:

      Thanks for the comment, Ron! Must have been something to have experienced these shows “live”, as they happened.

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