Celluloid Tunes – International Edition

Celluloid Tunes is Norway’s first and to date only webcast about film music.

Celluloid Tunes started as a general website about film music in 2000, but was then disbanded in 2012. Now we’re back as a streaming radio program. We aim to focus on many different aspects of the artform – news, composer specials, genre episodes, interviews and so on. Our mission is to spread the good word about film music to Norwegian and Scandinavian listeners.

My name is Thor Joachim Haga, and I’m the host and editor. I am a film journalist for the online magazine montages.no and a member of the IFMCA – The International Film Music Critics Association.

While most of the episodes will be in Norwegian, we aim to have occasional international episodes in English. Stay tuned and please like our facebook page for updates!

June 11th, 2013

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