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    Since this is a Norwegian site, but with an international audience, I thought it would be interesting to have a thread where us Nordic folks recommend some of our own, and the non-Nordic folks recommend what’s registered for them on the international scene.

    What are some of your favourite Nordic film composers — dead or alive?

    Malte MüllerMalte Müller

    I can’t say I have real favorites as my knowledge is a bit (quite) limited but here are some more or less recent TV scores I found quite fitting:

    • Jacob Groth: Millennium, Ørnen
    • Halfdan E: Borgen
    • Fläskkvartetten: The 2nd Wallander movie series
    • Frans Bak: The Killing (The original version)
    • and a little older: Stefan Nilsson: Pelle The Conquerer

    Good selection, Malte. Stefan Nilsson is genius. PELLE THE CONQUEROR is one of my favourite Nordic scores of all time, and I treasure my Nilsson compilation dearly.

    Frans Bak I know personally; I particularly loved his recent score for the series DISPARUE.

    Halfdan E is a friend of mine too, and he regularly does good stuff, although he’s missing that one big breakthrough assignment.

    Fläskkvartetten is a group that doesn’t get the credit they deserve. Their score for the Norwegian movie EGGS was great; one of the best Norwegian films of the 90s.

    Jacob Groth I’m familiar with, but haven’t really taken the time to check out his work.

    I love Søren Hyldgaard’s work, as well as Björn Isfält — two composers that were taken from us way too early.

    Malte MüllerMalte Müller

    I am not surprised that you know a bunch of them personally 🙂 I have to explore more of their work.

    I am totally unfamiliar with Søren Hyldgaard but I do know at least “My Life As A Dog” by Isfält.

    I also know Bengt Nilsson, Adam Norden, Johann Johannsson, Johan Söderquist, Tuomas Kantelinen and Atil Övarsson peripherically who I think are also Nordic composers. I thought Ceiri Torjussen was Nordic but is actually Welsh.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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