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    Shipping has become so expensive these days, especially if ordering from overseas (the US), that it’s become totally cost-prohibitive (almost $15 for one CD!).

    What are some of the online vendors you use for buying your soundtracks?


    Interesting topic. Which are your preferred online vendors?


    These days, probably


    That’s indeed a good vendor – they offer reasonable prices and they don’t deduct the UK tax in exchange for free international shipping. In recent times, the one I’ve used the most for CDs in general is, in addition to the other European Amazon sites. Other good vendors with decent shipping rates for us Europeans, and more or less good selections of soundtracks, are,,, and


    Brilliant, thanks for the recommendations!



    Presto Classical also has a great selection of sheet music which seems to rival the abundance at Sheet Music Plus.


    I usually order from Intrada or Screen Archives.
    Yes, shipping costs are high, but I feel I should support the specialist vendors (and labels). 🙂
    For more mainstream releases (including soundtracks) I often use Amazon (.com or
    Thanks for the recommendations for other vendors, Thor and Sigbjørn! I didn’t know these, but I’ll check them out!

    Jon AanensenJon Aanensen

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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