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    Yes, that’s a good one, too!

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    Sometimes, some massive synth/orchestral soundscapes feel just right. 🙂

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    You’re right, Thor – the KRULL 2CD IS a bit too much to get through in one sitting. I don’t think I’ve ever done that myself! But in appropriate doses, I really enjoy the wonderful energy and vigour in Horner’s writing here. And he was barely 30 at the time!

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    My list would probably be something like this:

    1. Krull
    2. Living in the Age of Airplanes
    3. Sneakers
    4. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
    5. Aliens

    Why Star Trek III and not II, you may wonder, with II being many people’s favorite? Well, I never really liked the main theme from II, for one thing. I always thought it sounded uninspired an forced. I remember being very disappointed with it, after having been spoiled at that point with all the great Williams themes from the first two Star Wars films, as well as Goldsmith’s wonderful Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Of course, Horner’s ST II theme IS used quite a bit in III also, but III has a lot of other material that I think surpasses a lot of what II has to offer: The Klingon action material, and the music for Spock and Vulcan, particularly the Katra Ritual sequence.

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    Yikes! I haven’t been at the FSM board for a while because of vacation, and I didn’t know about the release until you posted this, Thor. I saw it mentioned in the PR e-mail from BuySoundtrax that I received yesterday, but I just looked at it very quickly, and from the title and the cover I actually assumed it was an ANTI-Trump movie! :-O

    Of course this brings up the question of to what degree you can – or should – separate the man from the work. The score may be terrific, but I have to say that my respect for McCarthy, whose work I generally enjoy, IS down a few notches now, seeing him associated with something that is, reportedly, blatantly propagandistic and so in opposition to my own views. Granted, I haven’t seen the movie, but what I’ve read so far does NOT make we want to. I hear it won four of the five Razzie categories it was nominated for…

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    Jeg kjøpte nylig THE SHAPE OF WATER. Desplat er strengt tatt ingen favoritt, og det var mest for å sjekke ut hva som regnes som Oscar-verdig nå om dagen. 🙂 Men det var et hyggelig bekjentskap – synes Desplat serverer noen overraskende gjennomførte, luftige og transparente komposisjoner her. Og “hyggelig” er i grunnen en god beskrivelse av lytteropplevelsen. Og det er bare positivt ment!
    Men jeg har bare hørt på den én gang hittil, så det er for tidlig å si om inntrykket vil feste seg eller om det “går av i vasken” etter hvert.

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    I usually order from Intrada or Screen Archives.
    Yes, shipping costs are high, but I feel I should support the specialist vendors (and labels). 🙂
    For more mainstream releases (including soundtracks) I often use Amazon (.com or
    Thanks for the recommendations for other vendors, Thor and Sigbjørn! I didn’t know these, but I’ll check them out!

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    Flotte nyinnspillinger med sjefen sjøl på podiet.
    Nydelig lyd og strålende fremførelser. Disse studiomusikerne i Los Angeles, altså!

    Yes, they’re both in their 60s now, but if they stay active and healthy, we could still get quite a few years of Star Wars music from them. 🙂

    Eirik beat me in suggesting James Newton Howard 🙂 . I think he – and Alan Silvestri – would be excellent choices.

    With those two, there would be no need to actively try to emulate Williams – if they stick to their own, large-scale orchestral styles, it would mean we could still get meaty, skillfully orchestrated scores that would sound late-romantic, but still modern.

    A lot of people seem to think Giacchino and Desplat would be natural choices, but I’m with others here that they would not be at the top of the wish-list. To my ears there’s something too straightforward and unimaginative about their orchestrations, especially when they write large blockbuster-type scores.

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    Oj, den har ikke jeg fått med meg – takk for tips!

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    Ja, må slutte meg til Sigbjørn her, jeg synes logomusikken er strålende, Eirik! Imponerende å få så mange stilarter til å flyte så godt sammen. 🙂

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