Celluloid Tunes # 25: The 10 Best Scores of 2014 (9th International Edition)

Another year has (almost) gone by and it’s time for the annual top lists. In this episode, we select our ten favourite scores of 2014 – covering both the big Hollywood blockbusters and smaller, less known films and scores. Although you can glean a couple of selections from the headline photo, we won’t reveal anything here. You have to listen to get the full rundown. Of course, it’s only our subjective list, so feel free to chime in with your own favourites in the comments field.

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  1. Bohmer says:

    Great list but for me Interstellar is the best score of the year. I’m listening to it over and over again. Another scores I really loved this year was Alexandre Desplat’s “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

  2. dtw says:

    Hi Thor – my first time listening to your channel, I’m afraid 😛
    Interesting list – some I knew, but a lot were unfamiliar, so thanks for those.
    A couple of other suggestions: Max Richter’s ‘Testament of Youth’ and Bruno Coulais’ ‘Song of the Sea’…?

    1. Thor Joachim Haga says:

      Thanks for the comment, dtw (and love your NP picks on FSM, by the way). You’re right — TESTAMENT OF YOUTH is an excellent score (and certainly contender), but I was not as enamoured with SONG OF THE SEA as you, I’m afraid.

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