Celluloid Tunes # 59: The 10 Best Scores of 2018 (20th International Edition)

Another year passed, another opportunity to highlight what we consider the ten best scores of the preceding year. Be aware that our list of 2018 differs quite a bit from a lot of other ‘best of’ lists this year. Many of these films and scores have gone under the radar for most people; surprisingly few blockbuster Hollywood scores among our selections. But you’re obviously free to give your own favourites in the comments field below.

You can also post on our messageboard, or send feedback to tjhaga@celluloidtunes.no. Happy listening!

Correction: I say “Copperfield” when I meant “Copperhead” in relation to Laurent Eyquem’s 2013 score.

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  1. Sigbjørn Vindenes Egge says:

    Didn’t The Post receive its Norwegian premiere in 2018? 🙂

    1. Thor Joachim Haga says:

      Yes. But we use international release dates on Celluloid Tunes (as opposed to Montages, for example). THE POST featured on our best of list of 2017.

      1. Sigbjørn Vindenes Egge says:

        Ah, forgot about that. But only 8th place? It’s surely one of the best scores of the decade!

        1. Thor Joachim Haga says:

          No, it came in 3rd. When viewing the playlist, remember that it’s in reverse order, counting down from 10 to 1. Great score! I’d probably place it 2nd if you asked me today (nothing came close to VALLEY OF SHADOWS in 2017, IMO).

          1. Sigbjørn Vindenes Egge says:

            I’ll have to give Preisner’s score a new listen, then. Although I seem to recall it was quite… strange, in lack of a more precise word.

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