Celluloid Tunes # 17: Elliot Goldenthal (5th International Edition)

For our 5th international edition, we’re proud to present another composer special; this time the life and work of Mr. Elliot Goldenthal. The New York-based composer currently has several projects out or coming up. Interspersed throughout this episode are excerpts from two interviews — one that I did in Ghent, Belgium in 2010 and another in Krakow, Poland in 2012. These interviews were originally done for the Norwegian film site montages.no, where you can hear the full sessions. The first is available here and the second here.

I appreciate any feedback — either here or at tjhaga@celluloidtunes.no. Please feel free to share this episode in your social media!

[Corrections to myself: Alien 3 is obviously from 1992, not 1993 as implied in the episode. Golden Gate did in fact premiere in January-1994, not 1993. Finally, the correct idiom is a “pinch of salt”, not a “grain of salt”, as expressed towards the end of the show]

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